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First Nations Soccer Association

The FNSA strongly believes that our sports programs develop athletic competence, holistic cultural connections, and mental stamina. We are increasing First Nations athlete’s success in all aspects of their lives. Sports creates opportunities to achieve higher academic goals, improve social opportunities through building self-esteem, teamwork, and goal setting.

The FNSA coaches continue to scout and invite players to join the organization. The FNSA starts with building relationships and reputation with local communities and organizations and is spreading throughout British Columbia. In time, FNSA will engage and partner with organizations and communities across Canada as we bring our goals to fruition.

Our elders have quoted time and again, “Our children are our wealth and future leaders of our people”, which FNSA has adopted throughout our mission and goals. We are offering you to helpfully impact these future leaders. The FNSA is seeking your participation in sponsorship to adequately provide monetary support for our program delivery. Your support will enable our structured programs, coaching staff and board members to move the realization of a First Nations provincial and national team forward.

We sincerely hope that our vision, program and organizational structure, speaks to your organization’s philosophy. With your monetary tax deductible contributions, FNSA can significantly impact the future – in sports, education and careers – for individuals involved in FNSA programs. It is our dream to see our country united through improving the lives of First Nations people through the beautiful game of soccer.

“Our children are our wealth and future leaders of our people.” ~ First Nations Elders

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